What are the chances of getting accepted to the NSA Stokes Scholarship?

I’m interested in applying for the Stokes scholarship; however, after doing some research, I’m kind of worried about my chances of getting accepted. Not to mention that there is hardly any information about this scholarship.

First off, I have never seen anyone post, on any forum, that they were accepted into the scholarship program. All I’ve seen are rejection posts. That has me worried, because either the NSA doesn’t want the people who got accepted to talk about it, or there is just a microscopic amount of people who were accepted and they don’t use any forums.

Anyways, about myself, I have a 32/36 on the ACT, and a 1380/1600 on the SAT. My unweighted GPA is a 3.9. Are these good grades/values to get accepted into the Stokes scholarship? Also, how many people are accepted into the Stokes scholarship? Posts from 2009 state that only 10 people are accepted; however, that could have changed in recent years.


No clue but here are the rules. If interested it doesn’t seem onerous.

Worst case you get rejected.

Can’t win if you don’t try. But in general and this isn’t a traditional program, but in general national scholarships are brutally hard. But you can’t win if you don’t try. Someone is gonna win.