what are the prereqs for physics 1C?

<p>I know you have to take physics 1A and 1B, but it doesn't say on the registrar's site what grade you have to get.. Gekelman rocked me pretty hard and I got a D+, is that good enough to take 1C? I plan to retake 1B over the summer, but I really just want to continue on my path. </p>

<p>Like, for Chem 20B it'll say you needed to get a C- in 20A, but for 1C it just says "take 1A and 1B".</p>

<p>so, does anyone know?</p>


<p>Enforced Requisites: courses 1A and 1B and Math 32A and 32B (corequisite)
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<p>but it doesn't say (C- or better) so i'm not sure if a D is ok or not</p>

<p>Depends. Check the website for your major and see if it says "C- or better on all prerequisites" or something similar. Example: Physics</a> & Astronomy says "No course intended to satisfy the major or the preparation for the major be taken on a pass/no pass basis and a "C" average overall is required in all the abovecourses for completion of the degree." I think this is generally the case for all majors.</p>