What are the roles of Treasurer, Sergent in Arms, and Secutary?

<p>I realised the office positions aren't limited to president and vice president.</p>

<p>Someone nominated me as a secutary for this one club and I'll probably have to give a speech tomorrow, but I have absolutely no idea what a secutary does.</p>

<p>I asked a few people and told me that:</p>

<p>Sergent in Arms: they're just the cheerleader people whos in charge of keeping everyone enthusiastic</p>

<p>Treasurer: In charge of the financial management</p>

<p>Secutary: dunno...</p>

<p>Historian: keeps record of what happened every meet (how boring!)</p>

<p>Parliamentarian: its probably spelt wrong and hard to pronounce. dunno...</p>

<p>Can someone clarify the roles of these positions?
I want to have an idea of what I want to be running for in other clubs.</p>


<p>Treasurer- in charge of the money
Secretary- the person in charge of the dates? Like stuff about the calendar. The 'date' person of the planning part.
lol i learnt those from the babysitters club</p>

<p>Historian - the person who writes down what you discussed and the final idea.
parliamentarian - aren't they the people underneath the vice-pres, the people that judges for or against an idea?</p>

<p>I've neva heard of the rest</p>

<p>Parlimentarians makes sure proper procedure is followed.</p>