What are YOUR first impressions on someone with...

<p>...a high SAT score (2300+) and a LOW GPA (3.3-3.6 UW) and why?</p>

<p>Examples of first impressions include smart slacker, late bloomer, person in a school with grade deflation, etc.</p>

<p>Also, judge based ONLY on those two factors.</p>

<p>What more to add?</p>

<p>"smart slacker, late bloomer, person in a school with grade deflation"</p>

<p>You pretty much nailed them all.</p>

<p>(Maybe someone who paid for SAT prep but couldn't buy their good grades?)</p>

<p>I disagree, maybe there are other circumstances? Or hard course load? But I mean lazy in school could be true too...</p>

<p>High IQ, low effort level.</p>

<p>Possibly illness, family problems, too much time spent on extracurriculars... But those aren't my first impressions, because you already listed them</p>

<p>Depends on class rank. Very good class rank indicates grade deflation. Mediocre class rank indicates that they are smart but lazy. Hard classes are possible, but most other applicants applying to top schools take hard classes too. If hard classes are weighed into class rank, then the person should still have a good class rank.</p>

<p>If referring to someone who has not yet "bloomed," "late bloomer" is generally a euphemism for smart but lazy in which we express our hope that someday the person will not be lazy. There are too many good applicants for top colleges to accept "late bloomers."</p>

<p>My first impression is of someone who has a high SAT score and grades in the B+ range.</p>

<p>I can't form an actual opinion based on these two things alone.</p>

<p>One word: Slacker.</p>

<p>lazy genius. or someone with a really rigorous courseload.</p>

<p>or... CHEATER!</p>

<p>Smart but doesn't like to do homework. And BTW, that is not a low GPA.</p>

<p>If I were to look at those things in a TOTALLY superficial way, I would concur and say smart semi-slacker. If I were to not judge you, I would say that an infinite amount of factors could have contributed to those statistics.</p>

<p>Haha I agree, first impression = slacker</p>

3.45-3.6= maybe improved over the course of HS, grade deflation, or tons of ECs.</p>

<p>or a slacker who just uber studied for the SAT cause he thought it'd get him into a good college.</p>

<p>Depends on the actual transcript</p>