What are your thoughts about travel?

Happens to me every time. I never reserve anything but the cheapest rental now.

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I do find that if you value interior room and usability (especially if anyone is going to sit in the third row seat), minivans beat even large SUVs on that.

Sweet deals on cargo vans in Seattle! :slight_smile:

Never mind that the pictured vehicles are not the models named…

Ages ago when I was playing on the Texas Open, I flew in late and proceeded to the car rental desk. I had rented a Mercedes but they said they didn’t have it and my option was a truck or a cargo van and that my reservation guaranteed me a car but not a specific car. We promptly left and walked to another agency.

We rented a cargo van to move our kid OOS. Two of us rode in the van and the kid drove her car. It was a really long drive and not comfortable. It was worse on the way back when the back was empty.

But for that price differential…I might rent a cargo van. They get 5 miles to a gallon (ok…that’s an exaggeration but not by much).

Mask mandate on planes, trains, buses, subway, continues until mid-September. Relieved!


Just committed to a trip to Key West for next April. So excited to have that to look forward to!

In the near(er) future, I am still hung up on the idea of us taking the Europe trip that was supposed to happen in April 2020. Hoping for this summer…realizing that there are a lot of stars that need to align just right (between travel opening up, my D24 being able to get vaccinated and our somewhat limited schedule), but I’ll be ready to pull the trigger on that one the second things fall into place, and have told my family to be prepared for as little as two or three weeks of notice.


My 2 best friends and I have our 2 week Hawaii trip to look forward to in Feb/March (overlap) 2022 but I’m itchy and want to take what I’m calling a “bare bones” Maui trip - one of the 2 would jump on the chance (she and I travel together all the time and after a 43 year friendship we’ve got it down) - I’m thinking Kihei, Maui for a week in early Sept - I need to get in the ocean (the water is much too cold here in So Cal for me) - I’m thinking no side trips, bring some watercolor supplies for painting and books to read, some yoga - we cook at home 90% of the time we travel using local goodies, so that’s a plus for cost savings, and I just discovered a family owned “rent-a-wreck” type place (older model Nissan Sentras, for 1/3 of what the majors are charging) on Maui, in Kihei, who will pick up and drop off at the airport - so we “could” rent a car for some drives - but mostly the idea is to just get away and try this travel thing again! She and I will talk about it in earnest tomorrow…


Do not delay… HI lodging prices went up significantly from their rock bottom levels of last fall. Make sure your rental will be honored if the place you are considering is on the market (I see an uptick in STVR condos on sale) or better yet look elsewhere. Because the world is mostly closed off, folks choose to travel domestically, and this is driving the prices.

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Agreed on all points!

A little bit late to the thread but my family and a relative will be visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone. We live on the East Coast and she lives in California so we will have to minimize the time we wait in the airport. The logistics are quite frightening. So anyways, we land at Jackson Hole Airport where we will be staying in a lodge. We then spend a few nights exploring Grand Teton. We then head North to Yellowstone where we stay just outside of the West Entrance, once again, in a cabin (hotels are a little scary during this time period :joy: :grimacing: ). After a few more days, we head up to Bozeman Int Airport and depart.

As a side note, does anybody know a few places that are interesting to visit? We have never been to either park so we are a bit clueless when it comes to the area. Thanks!

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Having been to Yellowstone twice in the last three years (last visit was last June), all of it is very interesting.

I’d recommend the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone. There are great herds of bison there and you might see the wolf packs.

Of course the Upper, Lower and Midway geyser basins are must sees. Caution that these areas are likely to be crowded. Norris Geyser Basin is also a must see. Again, luck of timing, Steamboat Geyser is erupting every 5 days or so. (Largest geyser on earth). A really, really impressive sight.

In Grand Teton, the Jenny Lake area is really beautiful and I’d recommend the boat trip over to the falls (Hidden Falls IIRC).

And if you’re really lucky, look for Grizzly 399 and her four year old cubs somewhere between Pilgrim Creek, Signal Mountain and Jackson Lake. That’s her usual territory. Seeing her and her newborn (last spring) cubs was the highlight of our trip.


Seconding Jenny Lake in the Tetons, and pretty much all of Yellowstone is worthy of admiration. Make sure you stop to see Excelsior and the Grand Prismatic Spring - same stop (link is to the images page from google). It’s really, really gorgeous.


Yellowstone is designed like an “8” for the most part. Do the loops. Take time and see the geysers beyond Old Faithful. Norris is one them (yes, worthy), but there are others too. See the Travertine in the north at Mammoth:


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In addition to what’s been mentioned, we enjoyed our visit to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Be aware it takes a LONG time to drive to different areas. It is just a huge park. Apparently traffic can slow things down even more (we went at a less crowded time). Have a great trip!

I’ve only been to Yellowstone once and didn’t get to see enough but I would highly recommend any and all of it. Next time I want to go to that Lamar Valley that TatinG mentioned–just didn’t have time. One of my days in Yellowstone was more a half day–just went in from the Gardiner entrance by myself the day I arrived before meeting my family–and found it completely fascinating just stopping at the first two points of interest. I would try to figure out where the traffic will be (from the info station) and time your visit accordingly if possible. It is all amazing and you can’t see it all, so just try to pick a few parts that aren’t too far apart for each day and enjoy them.

The road between Canyon and Tower is closed for repairs. So one leg of the Figure 8 is closed.

And carry bear spray and know how to use it. There were warnings at most trailheads.

Thanks! We are going in July so it should be pretty busy. Although we probably will have to drive a lot, there will be plenty of stuff to look at, talk about, and I promise you, I will feel quite disappointed if I do not get to blare “Country Roads” at least once :joy: . But truly, we got a fully decked out rental (from Enterprise) with GPS (do not want to get lost :grimacing: ) and Sirius XM so I think we should be pretty entertained.

Thank you so much! It looks like you have been to Yellowstone and the Tetons before. I think you pretty much planned out our entire itinerary.

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Yellowstone is one of my all time favorite parks. We love camping at Norris.

Other favorites include Bryce and Arches (both in Utah), Badlands (SD), Dry Tortugas (FL), and Sequoia (CA). There are also oodles of close runner ups that could make my top list on any given day. We love practically all NPs - and most state parks (Adirondacks and Niagara Falls are both state parks, but just as good as national parks.)

Now I want to head out west to the parks again… though I’m still looking forward to our train trip and SF this year.

I swear I could absolutely live on the road 24/7 just wandering around.