What boarding schools are you applying to for Fall 2019?

Hmmm… too late to have second thoughts about short days and looooooong, cold winters!

Why do people forget there are excellent boarding schools in California? (And Arizona, New Mexico, etc)?

I blame all the beautiful brochures with fall foliage and the Hollywood movies filmed at Emma Willard, St Andrew’s and other iconic campuses.

@TexasKid2018 I can’t fathom writing more than 3 essays ^:)^

@CaliMex California’s so far…

(I was applying to Thacher and Cate but I forgot to request recommendations and getting those for the schools I’ve been applying to since forever has been painful enough…)

Winter’s nice though! You get the aesthetic pictures with snowy buildings that look just fantastic on Instagram.

Winters nice in December and January. Not so nice when it extends its welcome into March and April!

@CavsFan2003 How did your parents feel about having to write so many parent statements? :smiley:

@TexasKid2018 My dad wanted to kill me, to put it nicely lol

@CavsFan2003 That’s why I can only apply to 5 next year, lol. My mom was still finishing some up today and said she wouldn’t go through the madness next year.

I’m applying to Groton, SAS, Hill, Blair, and Middlesex as a 9th grader

applying to (in order of preference):

  • choate
  • andover
  • hotchkiss & deerfield (honestly can’t pick one over the other)
    by the way, i’m applying as a ninth grader (not a repeat)

good luck to everyone who applied !!

This is my order of preference:

  • Choate
  • Loomis
  • Taft
  • Cheshire
    as a 9th grader for all of them

Let’s hope this winter’s extra cold temperatures are an abherration and not the new normal due to climate change. Those of you who applied to California schools are smart :wink:

@CaliMex It is painful to not be able to apply to Cate and Thacher, but our family had one boarding school rule: gotta be within a 2 hour drive of home. Otherwise it was LPS. Parents wanted it. Siblings demanded it.

I started the application process very late and didn’t really consider western coast schools - now I wish I had spent more time researching before deciding which schools I wanted to apply to!

Some East Coast parents appreciate having an excuse to visit California when the cold overstays its welcome and it feels like Spring will never come…

My son applied to (In Order of pref): Lawrenceville, Pennington, Hill, Taft, Loomis, St George, Peddie, Hun

@misslilbookworm Same….I started very late and rushed everything. I wish I would have started researching last year!

My son applied to Andover, Exeter, L’ville, Peddie, George and Hill. I’m freaking out waiting for M9/M10 thinking we should have applied to a few more.

@Sleepless33 …good luck to u. we did Taft, SGS,Loomis,Hill,Hun,Lville,Pennington and Peddie.In 1 hr we will know 2 of these

Final list of schools turned out a little different…Couldn’t swing any California applications, parents and I chickened out about being on a different coast. Also, varsity fit dictated the schools as well.

Schools applied to:

  1. SPS
  2. Hotchkiss
  3. Lawrenceville
  4. Deerfield
  5. Taft


  1. SPS
  2. Exeter
  3. Lawrenceville
  4. Taft
  5. Loomis Chaffee
  6. Thacher
  7. Cate