What boarding schools are you applying to for Fall 2019?

Heyo! I want to hop on this train. I’m in a car on my way back to Indiana from Connecticut visiting 3 schools, so I’m gonna post now. I’m a repeat sophomore applicant.

I’m applying to:

-Hotchkiss School
-Choate Rosemary Hall
-Loomis Chaffee School
-Phillips Academy Andover
-Phillips Exeter Academy
-Concord Academy

I’ve interviewed at Hotchkiss, Loomis, Choate, and Concord, and toured at Hotchkiss, Loomis, and Choate. I’ll be doing Skype interviews for Andover and Exeter. I would’ve toured them but we couldn’t fit it in our trip, just geography and time, all that. Hotchkiss is my number one but Loomis and Choate are really close to it. Obviously they’re all different environments but I’d like to go to any of them. I originally had a super long list but decided to cut like 10 of the schools off, leaving me with 6. I interviewed at Brooks and really liked the interviewer but I’m not sure I’ll finish my application there. I had schools like Middlesex, Milton, Holderness, Berkshire, Blair, Mercersburg, Storm King, etc., but I just want to apply to my 6.

@CaliMex Yes it’s a sllightly weird list - 6 schools is the maximum application number this year. Just happened to like SPS/PEA on visits, and Cali is home. Size doesn’t really matter to me, since kids usually end up with a small/medium sized cluster of friends no matter the size of school, so even a “large” school can feel small. As for Taft and Loomis, really good schools, but we put them down as safeties. Not saying they aren’t awesome, and would be very happy there, just think the admissions chances there are good. Want to board for Grade 9, but family thinks that the academics need to be an upgrade from current school so better to get into a top choice, and if it doesn’t work out, apply again next year.

Taft and Loomis aren’t safety schools. A safety school is a nearly guaranteed acceptance. They are reaches for most everyone, and perhaps a target/match for a very few kids with just the right hooks. In fact, every school on your list is a reach. No problem with that, so long as you understand that going into the application process and aren’t expecting a guaranteed acceptance on March 10.

Taft and Loomis should 100% not be listed as safety schools. Taft and Loomis are top schools and admission is never guaranteed anywhere. I would highly recommend that you apply to some other schools if you really have your heart set on attending boarding school.

@Altras @cababe97 Good feedback, so I will refer to Taft and Loomis as feasible target schools. From an academic profile standpoint (SAT, SSAT, matriculation) I would prefer not to look at schools that have lower stats than Loomis and Taft. Otherwise best to stay at current day school and do club sports, and reapply next year if need be. It’s not “boarding school or broke” in my household. It’s more “boarding school is ideal if academics and sports align” or stay at current school, which is a crazy academic place but not a lot else.

I am applying to 3 schools (two of which are day schools) in order of preference-

  1. Choate repeat 9th
  2. Riverdale 10th
  3. Horace Mann repeat 9th

They are all reach schools, Choate more so than the other two, but I already attend a top public school so I am okay with rejections.

@Boarding2019 Are you saying 6 is your personal limit, or are the Boarding schools limiting applications to 6 now?

@sunnyschool Family limitation is 6, but then worry set in so I added a 7th. Will have to trim it to 6 imminently.

I have read on CC of instances of counselors limiting the number of schools a student can apply to. Perhaps they fear if kids apply to too many their grades could drop because of the time and effort involved. Maybe it puts a burden on some teachers and staff regarding recommendations.

Anyone able to opine on the reasons some guidance counselors limit the number of BS applications?

The high school I attended now limits college applications to 10 per student so that “schools will know that the student is serious.” Can’t say that I love their approach, but I can imagine that some private schools might do this for BS, less to show seriousness but to keep their students from cannibalizing each other – especially given that the BS universe is small and most of the schools are also small.

With that said, I don’t know of any schools that do this.

@CavsFan2003 There is a post on the main thread about Concord overenrolling its current 9th grade. May want to clarify spots available.

Our son is applying to a few schools

  1. Deerfield
  2. Middlesex
  3. Lawrenceville
  4. Milton
  5. SPS
  6. Choate

Maybe: Andover

@Momto4kids I posted that! I was repeating but a Concord AO emailed me telling me it’d be a better idea to apply 11th there.

Kimball Union Academy
Western Reserve
Cranbrook Schools
Lawrence Academy

Oh and Asheville

Im applying to Groton Andover SPS Exeter Choate Deerfield Cate, what kind of kids would fit in better at a larger skl?

@badminton4life I think most kids could fit in at a bigger BS, just cause you can find your own niche. Now my current school is over twice the size of Exeter and Andover, so I guess I personally am used to big schools, but from what I can gather is most students will find a niche.

@CavsFan2003 when u mean niche u mean like hobby or new talent or sport or something like that right?

@badminton4life Like interests and values, yeah.

At some bigger schools, especially ones with PG years, only very good athletes will play on varsity. At a smaller school, it may be easier to make a team if you are willing to work hard and are improving.

A bigger school may offer more clubs or more music groups. Every place is different - and size is only one part of the difference.

Even at a larger BS, you are likely to know most of the kids in your year and all of the kids in your dorm (or house if they use that system. )

Often, vibe is independent of size. You really should visit when you have acceptances in hand to see what appeals to you. I can attest to the fact that some places will not be your cup of tea and you will know that immediately. I can think of one very beautiful and impressive school that we visited and as we were pulling out of the school at the end of the interview, DS said that every indication he’d had was that competition was what drove the students there and that he didn’t think he’d be happy there. For other people, that might have excited them.

I’m Applying to Both Phillips Academy and Phillips Exeter Academy for lower year.

I know my recommendations are phenomenal and I plan on pouring my heart and soul into my essays. The only thing I’m anxious about is the SSAT. My goal, of course, is to score in the 90%ile or above. I find the math section to be easy but the reading section is difficult.

Anyways, good luck guys!