what can I improve...international student chances

<p>Hi all!
I'm going to aplly ED, I'm 100% sure Dartmouth is what I'm looking for. The problem ismy chances are really low, I think....so, what can I improve to get in?</p>

<p>I'm a white female from Europe.
SAT, SATII: I haven't taken any yet, but I think even if my scores were quite weak for Dartmouth, they would consider that I'm not from US and I'm not used to this form of testing....Am I right?
GPA: weighted: n/a, unweighted: 4,7(here 5 is like british A, 4 like british B etc. I can't compare it to US grade system 'cause I don't know it at all lol). Next year I'm gonna have it about 4,9(this year is the hardest)
class rank: we're not ranked, but I guess it's about best 3%, like...best 5 out of 230
possibilities to get accepted in my own country: everyone I know tells me I'll get accepted wherever I want here and for whatever course I want....ECs and awards aren't involved at all in this system.
Awards: 1st prize at school contests: "a story in english" and "english language and culture" contest, finalist of province contest of my national language, and a distinction in national english language contest; I'm peparing to perform at national Latin olympics national English olympics next year or in 2 years, we'll see....
Courses taken: I'm having 16 courses: 4 at HL for 3 years and SL for the first year(history, national language, english, civic/social studies) and 12 at SL(maths, latin and religion studies for 4 years, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, PE for 3 years, IT, culture studies for 2 years, economy, civili defence, philosophy for a year)
school type: public
I'd like to do Linguistics and Cognitive science major at Dartmouth, maybe minor at something from social studies and Portuguese....
school vice-chairman 9th grade
class chairman 9th grade
European Capital of Culture Volunteer 10th grade
portuguese classes since 10th grade
local Amnesty International group since 10th grade
human rights coach since 10th grade - AI and coaching is what I focus on really hard, that's why my ECs are rather poor...
next year I'm starting yoga propably</p>

<p>I'm tottally unfamiliar with chances 4 getting in, so...please help me!</p>