What category of student am I?

<p>Hey guys, I'm a Bangladeshi green-card holder living in Bangladesh. I've schooled here as well so I was wondering if I'm considered an international or domestic student. Even if I am an international student, do I have to give TOEFL/IELTS? I got a B in O'level English. Thank you.</p>

<p>You should check the website of each school you’re applying to. I believe that most schools will consider you a domestic applicant due to your green card status, although some schools might consider you an international applicant based on where you went to school.</p>

<p>You will be a domestic applicant for financial aid purposes. This is excellent. Be sure that your parents file their US tax returns early in 2014 so that you have their figures for the FAFSA and for any other financial aid paperwork. </p>

<p>Find out if you qualify as an in-state applicant in the state where your parents lived most recently and/or where they own property. That can also make a huge difference in the cost of your studies.</p>

<p>Each college and university sets its own policy about the TOEFL/IELTS. You have to check each place separately. It would be a good idea to email the institutions that you are interested in, let them know that you are a permanent resident currently studying outside the US, and ask which forms and exams they will want you to provide.</p>

<p>Read through everything at <a href=“https://www.educationusa.info/[/url]”>https://www.educationusa.info/</a> then pay a visit to the advising center closest to where you live <a href=“https://www.educationusa.info/Bangladesh[/url]”>https://www.educationusa.info/Bangladesh</a> If you can’t visit in person, contact the counselors by telephone or email. Given the number of US citizens and permanent residents in Bangladesh, it is likely that the counselors have worked recently with someone like you. If they haven’t, their colleagues in other offices certainly have.</p>