What cities/states do you wish had more good colleges?

<p>For me: </p>

<p>Dallas (only southern methodist which isn't that great)
New Jersey (only princeton which is impossible for me lol)
North Carolina
San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley</p>

<p>Virginia has two of the best public schools in the nation (UVA and W&M), and solid music education elsewhere (JMU, for instance) but less academic prowess, which means a double major-er like me has to leave the state or be marginalized in some way.</p>

<p>i know, but I wish it had MORE colleges.</p>

<p>Seattle, actually. U Dub is by far the best, but I wish there'd be something.... more selective. D:</p>

<p>San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Monica
Long Beach
LA :p
Chicago (public)</p>

<p>Colorado. It's such a beautiful state. </p>

<p>CU and CC are both great, but I wish there were more!</p>

<p>Arizona. If you want to go to college for more than just to get really drunk or high, there's not much here.</p>

<p>^ Very true, but where? Scottsdale?</p>

<p>Seattle and Chicago.....I love those cities but they really need more..especially Seattle</p>

<p>The bay area has two great schools (Stanford and Cal), but SF itself doesn't have much. And no, UCSF doesn't count =P</p>

<p>And for such a large state, Florida is lacking in schools (as is the whole South sans Emory and GTech).</p>

<p>But more than anything, the middle of the country needs better schools. I can't think of one strikingly good school between California, Indiana, and Texas.</p>

<p>Echo salpert...</p>

<p>I wish San Francisco had more.</p>

<p>Why doesn't UCSF count? -serious question because I honestly don't know.</p>

<p>Anyways, same here: I wish SF had more good, affordable schools :). I was there for about 3-4 hours awaiting for a plane to SE Asia when I decided I wanted to live there haha the quick decision was based on 1.) the amazing sushi I had at the airport center and 2.) the really laid back convo I had with a fellow SF resident. </p>



<p>^ UCSF is a top medical school. No undergraduates.</p>

<p>I second AZ and would add Nevada. Plus I'd but a lovely little Catholic College/LAC on the South Western Oregon Coast.</p>

<p>It seems to me Chicago has a college on just about every corner! UC, UI-CC,DePaul, Loyola, Roosevelt (yeah, I know) and a host of others w/in 20 miles. </p>

<p>It does seem to me that there is a dearth of good LAC's in the western states. Lots of great state schools, though.</p>

<p>Florida needs a top private</p>

<p>Rollins is a great school in FLA but you're right, Joker. There are not enough in the whole state.</p>

<p>I want to see more top private colleges and LACs in the southwestern area, like in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado.</p>

<p>Second Seattle and Washington State. The drop from UW to Seattle U is huge. Chicago has a pretty good range of schools and seems comparable to NYC in that regard.</p>