What classes did you all sign up for?

<p>Summer B:
SYD 3700 Minorities in American Society
SLS 1102 First Year Florida
CHM 1025 Introduction to Chemistry
6 Credits</p>

PSY 2012 General Psychology
MAC 2512 Calculus II for Advanced Placement Students
CHM 2045 General Chemistry
CHM 2045L General Chemistry w/ Lab
ENC 1101 Expository and Argumentative Writing
MUN 1110 Marching Band
15 Credits</p>

<p>"MAC 2512 Calculus II for Advanced Placement Students"</p>

<p>Is this with Professor Edwards? He's a cool nice guy, but they don't give much partial credit and there's some tricky questions on his tests. A lot of people liked him and did well but I got a C. Your Fall schedule looks similar to what mine was my first semester minus the marching band and english. Pretty tough. Don't party too much like I did. Do you know who your Chem professor is yet?</p>

<p>My Chem professor is some guy named James Charles Horvath</p>

<p>I've heard bad things about Horvath, but I never had him as a prof. Maybe others can chime in.</p>

<p>Summer B:
MAC1147 Precal algebra and Trig (might switch to just trig)
ANT2301 Human Sexually and Culture
First Year Florida</p>

MAC2311 Analytic Geometry and Calc 1
CHM2045 General Chem
CHM2045L General Chem Lab
ENC1101 Argumentative and Expository Writing
GEA1000 Geography for a Changing World</p>

<p>SummerB - 8 credits
Fall- 14 credits</p>

<p>From what I've heard, Horvath is terrible. He is supposedly a good professor, but he is tough. However, since this is CHM2045 you're taking, all your exams are assembly exams [meaning you'll have your exam during the night in some big auditorium] and everyone takes the same exam [different forms, questions in different orders] so all the Chem Professors make up the exam and not just Horvath himself. If it was CHM2046, each class takes there exam seperately so Horvath makes up his own exam and I heard they are ridiculously hard.</p>

<p>dark962001 are you doing engineering?</p>

<p>Summer B- ant2301 Human sexuality and culture, and mac1105 basic college algebra
6 credits</p>

<p>Fall- Arc1301 architectural design 1, ind1020 intro to architectural interiors, ind2100 history of interior design 1, AFS2002 African experience, and sls1102 first year Florida
13 credits</p>

<p>i'm majoring in APK and going premed</p>

<p>I'm doing Fall:</p>

<p>I haven't made my schedule but this is what I guess it will be:</p>

<p>PHY 2060- Honors Physics
PHY 2060L- Honors Physics Lab
MAC 2512- Calculus for Advanced Placement Students</p>

<p>Does anyone know any other filler courses to take? I want only those 2 hard courses for my first semester of college. I know I can handle both of those two, I want some fun and easy classes to fill that with. Not PE or something dumb like that. </p>

<p>I am also doing premed. I plan to take General Chemistry my second semester (even though I got a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam).</p>

<p>its a better idea to not use AP credit for premed requirements</p>

<p>Calculus, I would recommend Cities of the World and Astronomy.</p>

<p>Also, intro to engineering (1 credit) or egn1935 (ece adventurues).</p>

<p>For fall: for sure, but I am unsure what my last class will be</p>

<p>Eukaryotic Molecular Biology and Genetics (BCH5413)
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Animals (PCB4723C)
Laboratory in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CHM4302L)</p>

I am also doing premed. I plan to take General Chemistry my second semester (even though I got a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam).


<p>If you use the ap credit make sure to take a upper level chem class beyond orgo and not biochem(since you have to take it), just to show competency. I recommend analytical chem.</p>

<p>MAC 2512 Calculus II for Advanced Placement Students</p>

<p>Dr. Edwards: <a href="http://www.math.ufl.edu/%7Ebe/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.math.ufl.edu/~be/&lt;/a>
Class Website: <a href="http://www.math.ufl.edu/%7Ebe/mac2512/mac2512.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.math.ufl.edu/~be/mac2512/mac2512.html&lt;/a>
Lecture Notes: <a href="http://www.math.ufl.edu/%7Ebe/mac2512/mac2512a.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.math.ufl.edu/~be/mac2512/mac2512a.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>BTW guys, Dr. Edwards is awesome. Can explain things so clearly, he's really good.</p>

<p>I didn't really like Edwards too well, but everyone else did, so chances are you will love him.</p>


GLY 2010C Phyiscal Geology</p>

<p>7 credits </p>

EDF 1005 Intro to Education
MAC 1140 Precalculus Algebra
SYG 2430 Marriage and Family
AMH 2010 American History to 1877</p>

<p>12 credits</p>

<p>i really like my summer schedule because i'll be done with class at 10:45 4 days a week</p>