What colleges could I get in? VIRGINIA or nearby.


<p>PE B
Geometry A
World History A
Earth Science A
Keyboarding B
Spanish 2 C
Honors English B</p>


<p>Honors English A
Algebra 2 A
Biology 1 A
Office Adminstration A 3 college creds
Spanish 3 A
Ind Dev A</p>

<p>11th </p>

<p>Honors English A
College Pre-Calculas 6 college creds A
AP US History A
College Spanish A
College Bio 8 college creds A
Chem 1 A
Trigonometry A</p>


<p>College English A 6 college creds
AP Calculas A
Chemistry 2 A
Honors US Gov A
College Physics A 8 college creds
Duel Credit Word Processing 6 college creds
Duel Credit Computer Info Systems 6 college creds</p>

<p>I am going into Junior year and these are the grades I am planning on recieving. My extracurriculars are weak. Any suggestions of things I could do outside of school activities to bring them up?</p>

Community Service
MAYBE English Macc
Job @ Hardees 2 years</p>

<p>What other things could I add that aren't school sponsored. Im not good @ sports. I like to read and write.</p>

<p>Looking at business I assume? If your test scores are good and your grades actually go as planned you could probably get in to Virginia Tech. You'd also be competitive at places like UVA and W&M (again, pending test scores and you actually pulling straight As from now on) especially with some more community service.
For community service you could either write a free article for a local newspaper or volunteer at a library.</p>