What colleges should I apply to?

<p>This isn't really a chance post because I honestly don't know where I want to apply. All I have in mind so far are Macaulay Honors at Hunter and NYU. Will be applying this fall.
weighted average: 99
SAT superscore: 2160 (730 writing)
(CR+M) superscore: 1430 (700 reading and 730 math)
will be president of one small club and long time member in others (meaning since freshman year)
Top AMC scorer in school (didn't make AIME cutoff- low 90's)
Did summer programs after soph and junior year. (Cooper Union internship and CCNY math program)
volunteered at local shelter since freshman year.
interested in biology and studying languages (spanish, chinese, japanese, french...). Also like philosophy, painting, and creative writing. If it means anything, I love to read.
Took AP world, Lit, and US (5,3,5) Will take AP comp, calc, and bio this year.
SAT subject tests: 740 lit,750 world, 690 chem, 680 bio.
Again, this is more about "Where do you think I should apply to college?" than a chance thread. But I wouldn't mind what you guys thought about my chances for Macaulay Hunter (which is my #1 choice). Thanks in advance.</p>