What colleges should I look into and can I get into FSU or maybe UF?

I am going into junior year in high school (class or 17). I am a Florida resident. Freshmen year I only had 2 honors class I finished with a 3.5 weighted GPA and I moved half way through the year from Massachusetts and I took 2 classes online over summer to get ahead one was a honors class. I had 5 honors classes sophomore year I worked super hard. Had all A’s and one B all year round had a 4.1 for the year took algebra 2 honors online to get ahead in math while taking geometry honors. Raised my unweighted GPA to 3.6 and weighted to 3.85. I also joined the wrestling team. I have 100 community service hours helping special need kids. I will be taking a very rigorous course load junior year 3 ap classes 3 honors and my school news. I will take ap stats and pre calc next year and take ap calc senior year. And I am studying for at least a 26 act score. I also own a lawn mowing buisness. What are my chances at FSU which is my dream school. What are my chances at other schools like UF Ucf Penn state auburn and what other schools should I consider? I do plan on having my GPA go over high next year. I feel like I improve so much each year and have a good grade trend too. I started highschool in algebra one which is the worst math class in school and I worked my way taking two math classes.

Hey, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work. :-bd

If you’re junior year is like your sophomore year, all of those schools are possible, including FSU and UF. Shoot for a 29 or better on your ACT, and scholarships at Auburn University and the University of Alabama become available. Also, a high ACT will help with in-state scholarships at UCF, etc. Plan on taking the ACT at least twice.

Good Luck!

What schools to consider? I would recommend going to the library and checking out one of the college guides and start exploring. A lot of factors come into play when picking a school, include cost. Being in Florida gives you access to the very low in-state tuition rate, and a chance at earning Bright Futures. So some in-state schools should be on your list.

For in-state (public universities), I would recommend looking at FSU, UF, UCF and USF. Then I would also look at your “local” university, in Jacksonville, that’s UNF, in south Florida, that’s FAU and FIU, in the panhandle, that may be UWF; we have 12 public universities in Florida.

You may also want to take a look at some of the private in-state colleges, such as University of Miami, Eckerd, University of Tampa, Rollins College, Barry University, Flagler College, FIT, Embry-Riddle, etc.


Privates, as a rule will likely be more expensive, but you can earn scholarships and use Bright Futures at the in-state private colleges.

For out of state, we have way too many to list. Keep in mind that some private universities could be cheaper than out of state public universities, like Penn State, due to the high OOS tuition rate charged by many public’s (hence why you want to earn a scholarship at Auburn or Alabama, to make them affordable). So, when looking out of state, include private universities in your search.