What degree to become a ceo?

Hello what bachelor degree should I pursue if I would like to become a ceo of a large corporation one day? I currently plan to get an MBA after I get a bachelors degree in something. I am currently attending community college as a business transfer degree. I also am currently a manager at work and like aspects of the stock market.

Perhaps a mentor would be most helpful? There are so many pathways that lead to business success that there isn’t a formula for degree+experience=CEO. Consider also what aspects of being a CEO are most appealing to you. Financial security? Influence? Fame? Perhaps there are other positions that would uniquely fit what you are seeking.

Influence and fame are probably the two things I like the most. I’ve always wanted to be know around the world and make a difference with something. I enjoy the business side of stuff as well.

As requested…

What type of business interests you? What sector do you see yourself leading? They would probably be a good place to start to narrow down your options.

Do not get business or econ unless you are an in ivy league, already rich, or already plan on moving to real estate. The reason for this is due to your lack of connections and not the degree itself. Business is a degree obtained by NPCs and they often work as low paying office drones. Avoid business admin at all its forms as it will only set you back academically and lock your career into either accounting (which will be replaced by robots) or nothing at all. All good paying business jobs require tons and tons of credentials (CFA, CPA, Actuary Exams). All of which will cost your more money out of your pocket and waste valuable time. You want to make projects and intern not waste a bunch of time worrying about exam after exam after exam.

The best majors are math + cs, computer science, math, anything to do with data or math in an applied form, actuarial science, engineering, and econ combined with a stem field that uses heavy math.

You do not want to just get a degree for money or because you think you will go to grad school for the MBA which is a highly devalued degree that any idiot can obtain nowadays.

You have to think about the employer, why do they want to hire you. With business, it does not really signal anything significant to the employer unless you already have a job and can prove that you can work.

But it gets even worse. Let’s say you want to switch into becoming a doctor or an engineer, or something else that isn’t IT, codemonkey work, or trades. Then you have to spend another 4 years in college, but this time without financial aid to get into a masters / post-bacc that will actually help you move up and obtain your new career outside of the office.

But if I were you I would ditch college and go into IT and obtain certs instead or go to a trade and then pay for college or better yet join.

That’s easy, start your own business. You become CEO instantly. Everywhere else, it’s politics. No amount of advice would be worth a grain of salt right now.

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