What do colleges see on the score report

<p>They obviously see the score and past scores, do the see the percentiles, other colleges you submit to, your questionaire? Let me know</p>

<p>They will not see other colleges, questionnaire, or other stuff like that. Only your scores.</p>

<p>College board does not send my AP scores along with my SAT scores, correct? If I am planning on retaking an AP test this year, should I just not submit the bad score?</p>

<p>Scores and percentiles, and subscores on some sat 2's</p>

<p>should I add "AP Scholar" to my application even though I haven't gotten confirmation from the College Board yet? Last year, I got a 5, two 4s, and a 2, which means I passed 3 exams with higher than a 3 average.</p>

<p>when do we get confirmation for those AP awards.... I had 3 4's last year (one of them was considered a half-year course... but apparently now, CB has changed their rules and all classes are "full years") ... so when do i get this award (isn't the minimum award having three 4's..... thanks</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses; i wanted to clarify that, since my questionnaire is outdated in a way</p>