<p>I am only a sophmore in highg school who is nned of some good extracurricular activities.</p>

<p>There are 4 good clubs that I wanna go to but i don't know which one or two is best, because I can only go to 1 or 2, which do you think is best?</p>

<p>1)Academic Decatholon
2)Envirothon (Decatholon for biology and enviormental sciences-competition)
3)Chemistry Club (Can help me get into AP Chemistry)
4) Odyssey of the Mind (problem solving competition)</p>

I am going to be doing a research assistant thing at NJIT on tissue engineering, and brain cancer.</p>

<p>Do you know of any other FREE programs at colleges that will be good for someone who wants to major in pre-med or a B.s/MD?</p>

<p>By the way i am a New Jersey High School Student who goes to a competitive magent school, and is majoring in a special Bio-Medicine program, if that helps!</p>

<p>Please answer my questions i am lost!
Whisch will best help my chances oward coming to NYU, don't forget im only going to become a sophmore in september!</p>

<p>you do not need advice from others...if u really want to get into nyu, you will need to show that you had (the cliched) PASSION for your extracurricular activities. choose something that you can have fun in, excel in and become a leader in...not something that random people on a forum choose for you.</p>

<p>however...these are my opinions (just mine, not yours...im not the one who will be writing essays about those activies and putting them on my ap and showing my involvement within those activities)</p>

<p>the chemistry club (To me) does not seem like it would be a very involving club...at my high school most of the clubs like "science club, math club, french club..etc" ARE NOT really involved in doing anything except for having parties with pizza at lunch....</p>

<p>maybe you should START a club...that would look really good.</p>

<p>oh and btw, i did academic decathalon and won a lot of awards for that...and im going to nyu next year, so i think that that would be a good choice.</p>