What do people think of my college list/ my chances at them

<p>Hey so here are the schools on my list in order of which ones I want to go to the most (I know some might be prayers but o well)</p>

<li>Oberlin (Like 1/2 my family went there)</li>
7.Lewis and Clark</li>

<p>I am a Cali kid (male) and here are my stats
3.8 weighted gpa(after this year it might go up to 3.85 or 3.9)
660 Math 660 Reading Comp 600 Writting (trying again next year for more like a 2050 rather than my 1930 right now)
My school has no rankings which kind of sucks but I would guess I am in top 10%
Freshman Year I took 2 Honors classes
Sophmore Year I took 2 Honors 1 AP
Junior Year I took 2 Honors 1 AP
Senior Year Taking 3 APs</p>

President of Amnesty Int (largest club at my school)
Black Belt (have placed in a few tournaments)
Bowling (Average around a 200)
Member of GSA (another club at my school)
Have gone to a bunch of science camps in my years and am taking multiple courses at UCLA this summer</p>

<p>Thats pretty much it do you think Ive got a shot?</p>

<p>You seem like a pretty good candidate, SAT scores and course-load a little less than some but still fine. As far as Oberlin goes, maybe you should ask yourself why you want to go there--because of your family or because you think you are genuinely a good fit?</p>