what do you think??

<p>I'm having trouble figuring out what my chances of admission are - my SATs are 685, 675 and ACT is 31. I've taken lots of Honors and AP classes and got mostly As and Bs. But... due to some family turmoil, I got a string of Cs last year so my gpa is approx 3.3. I'd love to go to either Brandeis or Oberlin. Are these out of the question? Any safer bets in the Boston area (or other area)?</p>

<p>how can you get a 685 and a 675?</p>

<p>I'm wondering that too...</p>

<p>I think Brandeis will be quite the stretch for you, Oberlin less so, but still, you have quite the disadvantage at both (you're on the low end of stats for both)</p>

<p>i meant 690 and 690</p>