WHat effect do the extra points have?

<p>Ok, before I had a 1340 (690 V, 650 M)
I just recieved a 1410 (800V, 610 M)</p>

<p>Will these extra seventy points actually help me get in somewhere, or are they just to make me feel slightly better about an otherwise pathetic life? Also, is a 1410 good for liberal arts schools? Thats what I'm most interested in. Finally, will the drop in math scare colleges at all? Wish I had gotten the 650 the second time, coulda had 1450...
Thanks for the help</p>

<p>Don't forget that most colleges take highest combined, so you have a 1450. Even if the difference between a 1340 and a 1410 score is just psychological, I think it is an important one. However, I think the percentile difference between a 1340 and 1450 is significant (if only CB website wasn't trashed...)</p>

<p>Does it look bad to have dropped in math while going up so much in verbal? Some people have commented to me that it looks like I'm a fairly average student who happened to memorize a wordlist, despite that not being the case.</p>

<p>you didn't drop that much in math, so I don't think it's a big deal. 40 points is like the difference between five questions. I think the increase is pretty good, being in the 1400s is a psychological thing but an 800 verbal is great!</p>