What is a "Verified Expert"?

Saw a poster marked as a “Verified Expert”. What does this mean? I.e. what expertise and how verified?

I was wondering the same. Especially as one of the new verified experts is selling essay writing/editing services (and referring to that in their posts).

Count me in as well as someone who wants to know. I actually reported a post or two and they were not removed unlike other posts where folks are plugging their products.

I sure hope CC isn’t going in the direction of allowing companies to shill their products in return for $$. Seems like that would open a huge can of worms and change the tenor of this website.


As we work to deepen the pool of knowledge on the site, we have started bringing in reputed experts who are to share their expertise with our community. Before joining the forums they are validated by the College Confidential admin team and given the “Verified Expert” status. The goal is to help students and parents achieve their academic objectives so please leverage them to get valuable insight and have all your questions answered.

One new feature that will stand out is the signature that will accompany all expert replies. This is an automatically added footer, which will include a bio line and 1-3 URLs to the expert’s website. (We are currently working on it, so it’s not yet turned on and visible).

The line between soliciting and offering genuine advice may be blurred (especially in the early onboarding stages) so feel free to flag any illicit activity. We will work with the experts to make sure they follow our TOS and Community Rules.


@michaeluwill, we will work to define the process for that and will release communications sometime in January. Thanks!


I’m a verified BS’er


I think CC needs to put warnings on the “Verified Expert” posts-- not to challenge their expertise, but more along the lines of “your mileage may vary” or “past results do not predict future gains” like a brokerage firm ad.

I’ve seen some advice posted by the “Verified Experts” which need LOTS of footnotes. Experienced folks on CC understand what those footnotes need to be (i.e . NPC not accurate if you are divorced) but the newbies don’t, and because the posts are tagged by CC as somehow vetted- they can be misled.

There’s a difference between the expert being verified, and the actual post being vetted- not just for technical accuracy, but for actual, real life, reality check accuracy.

Bad advice is bad advice no matter who is giving it.


I’d suggest the vetting include more than: yes, this person calls him/herself knowledgeable, has earned some $. That tells nothing about the quality of their actual work, depth/breadth of their experience, its relevance, or when it was, for how long.

The kids on CC are impressionable and the wrong sort of “advice” can leave them vulnerable. Truth is, all any of us can offer is observations based on our own particular experience(s.)

It’s risky turf.

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I’d be interested to know if “verified experts” pay a fee in order to be given that term?