What is the BEST book for raising your SAT score?!

<p>Hi, what is the best book for raising an sat score of about 1990?</p>

<p>just the BEST book you have found at your local llike borders or barnes and noble or wherever</p>

<p>Uhm...... i felt like i got a 790 on the CR in october, and never lost focus on any passage. If i indeed did get that high, then it was all because of Barrons</p>

<p>Princeton Review</p>

<p>CB Blue Book. Take that from a 2370er who did barely anything else to study. And I'm not that smart :P</p>

<p>Take practice tests...Lots of them.</p>

<p>I agree, take lots of practice tests from the blue book and 11 real sats, and examine the ones that you're getting wrong and ask yourself why you're getting them wrong. if you're weak in a certain area, then I suggest that you get the Barron's book in that area. it helped in the math for me.</p>

<p>After preparing over the summer, I have a good idea of what helped me (this list is must-have books):
Blue Book, McGraw-Hill's Writing workbook, Barron's Math workbook</p>

<p>Practice all the blue book ones in addition to the tests from the Collegeboard online course and QASs</p>

<p>yeah, i agree with the blue book.</p>

<p>barrons 2400 book and blue book</p>

<p>I haven't used a lot of other books to compare it to, but I liked Up Your Score. It's actually pretty entertaining to read, which makes everything much easier to remember, and it has some really good information.</p>

<p>yes, i also like up your score. its funny, and the sentences that they use for the vocab are easy to remember.</p>

<p>The Barrons book I use is not the 2400 one. I am using the Barron's How To Prepare for the SAT 2007 23rd edition. Is tht okay?</p>

<p>uh never heard of it. I like up your score, but...... it's not THAT helpful. their 13 most broken rules for the writing section is very helpful, and their word list is very helpful, and they are much more interesting to read than barrons, but it's not that useful IMO</p>

<p>Blue Book and the solutions to the Blue Book created by TestMasters</p>

<p>Blue Book and Princeton Review are the best books, but the best THING to do is practice, review, practice.</p>

<p>I'd actually say Gruber's book is the best one. Most of the other books are full of worthless information that most of us already know anyway. The prefix/suffix index and 3,400 word list are pretty awesome for CR.</p>

<p>The Math questions are also presented in a pretty interesting way; a lot of short-cuts and stuff that cut down on time usage and a real emphasis on thinking. The mock tests are also probably the best out there besides those from CB.</p>

<p>For practice tests, you have to have the official SAT. A close second and third comes from Princeton Review and Kaplan

<p>i rose my math from a 520 to a 680 (160pts in one section) by using 100 Tips for SAT Math, also used Barrons and the Underground Guide for an over score increase of 250pts</p>

<p>Just get Blue Book and practice.</p>

<p>That's all you really need, those "strategy" books really don't help tbh. Most of the crap they put in there is common sense.</p>

<p>I really want to buy the solutions guide for the blue book by testmasters but the only problem is that when I check out from their site they don't have California listed as a state.</p>