What is your opinion of Wheaton College?

<p>Do you think it's the best Christian college in the U.S.? In my opinion it is.</p>

<p>Name recognition-wise it certainly is up there, if not the best. They don't do much in merit aid helping to cut it from the list my son checked out more thoroughly. People seemed to like it. A couple of parents of students we talked with told me they thought it was trending to the more liberal side of Christian teaching, but, in general, I think it is still on the conservative side. I think those parents might be a bit on the "more" conservative side, but I don't know them that well. I heard they "over-do" the Billy Graham alumni aspect quite a bit, but it's hearsay.</p>

<p>We might check it out more thoroughly this spring when my junior son looks at colleges he wants to attend. He's looking at going into medical research and/or becoming a doctor. I seem to recall a decent percentage of their grads go on to graduate school in the little bit of literature I saw when oldest son was checking places out. However, their lack of merit aid might once again cut them from the list. With grad school looming, I hardly want to spend an arm and leg on undergrad education when there are other suitable places to attend (secular too).</p>

<p>Wheaton is probably the best liberal arts protestant college in the US.
Pepperdine probably the best national protestant universiity in the US.
Notre Dame the best national Catholic university in the US.</p>

<p>Those are my opinion, but even if wrong, the above colleges are at the worst, 2nd best in those categories.</p>


<p>I stayed overnight at Wheaton and thought it was very, very good. The students were friendly and all obviously very close to each other, especially each floor. I visited a class on international politics and also thought the class was quite thought-provoking. The professor has the students read the NY Times to keep up on current events.
I also attended chapel and it was great, more traditional and conservative than what I'm used to but still good.</p>

<p>Nogueira uses term "best" and many might pile on in agreement in talking about Christian colleges. It is clearly the Harvard/Stanford of the set. None really close. But it's very important to note that this simply defines ...best known and/or recognized, biggest endowment, most or most proportionate # of profs from elite institutions, most selective, most "elite" (altho that again connotes attractiveness, beauty, perceptions ...which we all know is simply in the eye of the beholder. Opinion, and nothing more or less.), etc., etc. All can be subjective and totally valuable ...or totally worthless to a student seeking an appropriate matriculation. So, the better response might be ...it depends on what you mean. For sure, Wheaton is a spectacular place by many measures. But it's not a lone ranger. With nearly 5,000 campuses, this process is never an either/or but rather a both/and process. Think several, many vs. one/gottabe. Looking back, rarely/never will it be ...gee, if I'd only gotten into Wheaton, or if I'd only decided on Pepperdine, or ...It never works that way.</p>

<p>My friend who was valedictorian of a very rigorous midwestern prep school went to Wheaton in Illinois. From what she tells me, I would recommend that school greatly.</p>