What kind of students get into top tier schools as transfers?

<p>As a freshman in college, high school applications to college were not too long ago but I feel like then there was so much information and resources about what schools are looking for, how to know if you are a good match, what kind of GPA and test scores made you a competitive applicant- with the transfer process so far, I feel kind of out in the dark- I have info on how many students are accepted at the top schools but nothing on if a 4.0 is really good or different examples of students who have gotten into ivies or other top schools as transfers- if anyone was accepted as a transfer student and wouldn't mind sharing some stats or if anyone knows any info about this, I would really appreciate it</p>

<p>i was duel-enrollment at two colleges, one being syracuse university and the other being the local community college (i'm from syracuse, and the schools are a 2 minute drive apart). After one year of course-loading i accumulated just over 70 credit hours worth of work with a 3.8 GPA. I transfered to Cornell after two semesters at home, havn't looked back.</p>

<p>A rule-of-thumb I have heard is you want at least 3.5-3.6 GPA if you are already at a top-tier school, 3.8 if not. Rigor of courseload matters. As coming out of high school, ECs and essays make or break applicants aiming for the most selective institutioins.</p>

<p>Well I managed to transfer to Michigan with a 3.3 GPA (don't ask me how)...</p>

<p>I'm sorry, I was talking about top-tier private schools. Public schools like Michigan, because they are so much bigger, admit more of their applicants...</p>

<p>"What kind of students get into top tier schools as transfers?"</p>

<p>Applicants like me whose record speaks for itself and impresses even the most astute of overachivers.</p>

<p>Does UIllinois honors program constitute as a good school when looking to transfer? I am 99.9% sure I will get a 4.0 my first semester and have the test scores and GPA and extracurriculars from high school...so do you think I would be competitive at ivies and other schools?</p>

<p>I go to UIllinois right now, I am not looking to transfer there- I am looking at Cornell and Georgetown- but I was wondering if admissions officers will think UIllinois is a good school when I apply as a transfer so they will respect my classes and 4.0 GPA</p>

<p>URM (gypsy), 3.9 gpa, unimpacted major, IGETC and TAP completed as of application, president of Phi Thetta Kappa Chapter, ASO vice president, personal statements that accurately reflect my academic and social superiority over most prospective transfer students, recruited by UCLA soccer coach.</p>

<p>And Boru, why do you want to transfer out of UIllinois? That's my second choice, if I don't get into Cornell that is.</p>

<p>UIllinois is just too big for me- I went there because I got into the honors program and people told me it would be like a smaller LAS feel b/c I am in honors but it really isn't- I have 750 people lectures inaccessible professors and TAS who don't speak English- I want to go somewhere where the Professor knows my name</p>

URM (gypsy), 3.9 gpa, unimpacted major, IGETC and TAP completed as of application, president of Phi Thetta Kappa Chapter, ASO vice president, personal


<p>It sounds like this wiseacre is attending a community college.</p>

<p>PTK = Phi Theta Kappa = International Honor Society of the Two Year College.</p>

<p>There ya'll go now</p>

<p>"It sounds like this wiseacre is attending a community college."</p>

<p>Community college for now. A top Ivy (HY) within the year.</p>

<p>IWanna: I bet you could get into an ivy, but if you're set on HY, I'd bet my money against you. What community college are you attending?</p>

<p>"Community college for now. A top Ivy (HY) within the year." funniest post today :)</p>

<p>IWanna, you really got those gosu stats?</p>

<p>Schools will respect a 4.0 from UIllinois honors program. Assuming your courseload is heavy and your SATs are 1400+, you're in the running for a lot of great schools, with possible exception of HYS. Essays, recs, and ECs will make or break your apps.</p>

<p>honestly i really dont see why ivy's stats are impressive. i will give credit to the gpa, but those are probably generic, run-of-the mill ivy hopefuls without any real extraordinary grounding. I'd really appreciate insight into why he thinks he has social ''superiority''. furthermore, if you really wanna look at people with top tier stats, i suggest you go back in the history of this board and read some of the ivy acceptances. People have been accepted to brown, yale, harvard, and stanford from cc's with immaculate grade point averages-but not only that, outstanding achievment and dedication. if you want to be a top tier transfer, show excellence inside and outside school. seriously. that's all you really need.</p>

<p>i wouldnt even say the GPA is that impressive - he is after all, in a community college, and aiming for schools like Harvard (purportedly a match, for him)</p>

<p>i think he is lying. First of all, if he indeed had those SAT scores and the capability to get grades like that, he probably wouldn't be at a community college unless it was for a financial reason</p>