What r my chances of getting into Drexel with a 3.5 GPA & 1540/2400 for SAT?

<p>-I have a 3.5 GPA
-ranked around 45-50 out of 120 students
-got a 1540 on SAT
-3 letters of recommendation- chem teacher, art teacher, & spanish teacher
-am a talented artist and writer
-my extracurricular activities: i'm in key club & am a homeroom representative (10th & 12th grade), piano player in jazz band, percussion section in regular band, volunteered over the summer for 3 yrs at my church for Vacation Bible School as a group leader and a singer & dancer for Praise Team, played tennis (9th gr), and am a piano teacher.
-worked 2 jobs at a chocolate store and manager of a bagel store (which i still work at)
-i have A's & B's grades (mostly A's) and i have one C from 10th gr (AP US) and i got a C last marking period in AP Stat...
i have taken AP US, AP Lang, AP Stat, AP Psychology, & AP Literature.
i also have been in honors english my whole high school career. i have taken music theory as well and have been in art for 3 yrs, almost 4 where I'm supposed to have AP art but it didn't fit in my schedule...
I have a vast knowledge of computer science and i can speak korean fluently as well. i'm also in Honors Spanish V, the highest spanish level at my school. i also tutor people in Korean.
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<p>oh and i was also a lacrosse manager and was on the homecoming decorating committee.</p>

<p>what are my chances of getting into Drexel University??</p>