What SAT score should I be crossing my fingers for?

<p>Im applying to the University of texas Feb 1st. I'm in the 2nd decile of my class, have a 94.5 GPA (91 UW), have 3 total AP classes including 2 this year. (got a 5 on the AP Eng Lang test last yr). Good essays/recs/ECS, etc.</p>

<p>I got a 2030 last time, but only 1290 between the first 2 sections, which are the only ones UT looks at.</p>

<p>Would you say that 1350 between Math and CR would be the score where I could almost be guaranteed admission? (The average there is 1230, but its skewed by people who get in because of the 10% rule despite poor scores)</p>

<p>So when I check my scores Saturday morning, what score would put UT in "safe match" territory for me?</p>