What Should I Do?

<p>After years of frustration and thorough research, I cannot find a college major I'd enjoy. I cannot do engineering (math is much too difficult for me), business (though I am decent, it does not interest me), arts (useless, in my opinion), social sciences (also useless), social work (doesn't interest me), law (doesn't interest me), medicine (doesn't interest me), sciences (stooped too heavily in mathematics), etc. I had always considered CS (I wanted to be a Linux sysadmin), but the major is typically too mathematically inclined, and I am horrible at math. To be honest, I can hardly comprehend fundamental programming concepts. I was kidding myself when I thought I'd have a chance. I have also considered trade school, but I am uncoordinated and have no technical knowledge. I have no skills, practical knowledge, or talents. What should I do? I'm scared and I feel trapped. </p>

<p>(If this is the wrong fora, I apologize, mods)</p>