What SUNY schools can I get in with these stats?

<p>Hi everyone, so im currently a junior finishing off the year and this is what my grades and stuff look like:
gpa: 3.5 (weighted)
sat: 1700 (will take again)
sat subject test: us history 650
so far i have taken 3 ap classes: ap world history, ap language and ap us history
i have played jv soccer 10th grade
varsity soccer 12th grade
voluntereed at a hospital sophomore year
over 100 hours working as a sports counselor 10-11 grade
next year i plan on taking: ap comp gov, ap psychology, ap bio, ab ap calc, supa, spanish 3a
(graduate with 2 language regents)
and i plan on taking some more sat subject tests
so basically my rationale is that with all my ap classes im taking senior year, i got hopefully boost my 3.5 to at least a 3.6 for the first two quarters
I want to apply to suny albany, new paltz, binghamton, stony brook, geneseo. I was also thinking about applying to UCONN. do i have a chance in getting into these schools?</p>

<p>I think you will definitely get into Albany, New Paltz, Stony Brook. I know from experience that Binghamton looks solely for high SAT/ACT scores, so as of now I would say No for Bing unless you get your scores up. I think that UCONN could go either way but I think you will get in if you get your GPA to a 3.6. I don't know much about Geneseo but I've heard it is tough so I'm going to say no but you never know</p>

<p>ok cool thanks a lot. yea i guess my sat score is kinda low, so thats something i could definitely improve. yea and next year im going to try and do everything to try and get my gpa up to 3.6, so hopefully that will put me in a good position for UCONN. As for Geneseo, i dont really that much about it to be honest, i just heard it was one of the best SUNY schools, so i figured id take a stab at it when i start applying in a couple of months.</p>

<p>I would say Binghamton and Geneseo are both reaches. The other SUNY's may be matches but not safeties IMO. I'm not sure about UCONN.</p>

<p>You might want to consider UMass Amherst too. It's a little easier to get into OOS than UConn and the cost is a little lower ($32K vs. $38K). Amherst is a nice college town and you can take classes at Amherst College, Smith, Mt. Holyoke or Hampshire College through the 5 college exchange program.</p>

<p>If you care about rankings, UCONN is #69, USNWR's National Universities, UMASS is #99.</p>


<p>Well, the student can apply to both and see what happens. Rankings aren't that important, and it's more important to get accepted. lol</p>

<p><a href="$32K%20vs.%20$38K">I</a>. *</p>

<p>However, both are out of state publics that aren't going to give much aid to an out of state student, so ask your parents how much they'll pay. If they won't pay that much, then there's little point to applying. However, if money is no object, then happily apply to both of those schools...and some others. :)</p>

<p>You might want to put some SUNY safety schools on your list. SUNY Albany didn't use weighted gpa two years ago when S1 looked at them since there is such a disparity in how the schools weight the grades. Our high school doesn't weight the grades only class rank. Look at New Paltz, Oswego, etc. If cost is a concern, the less competitive SUNY schools give scholarships and have honors programs, too. SUNY Potsdam has 5 full ride scholarships. Plattsburgh gives up to full tuition. Good luck with your search.</p>