What Testing Attempts Must I Include in my UCAS Application???

Hi, I’m a US student applying to two UK schools, and I’m not sure how much I need to report. I took the SAT once, the ACT three times (but only once with the writing test), and a bunch of APs (but I know I have to include ALL of those, so those aren’t my concern).
Thing is, I only want to report my SECOND attempt at the ACT – since it was my highest score – and I guess my first one as well, since it’s my only one with a writing test. Do I have to report all of them, or can I just report the scores for the first two? And since you have to manually put in every individual score, can’t I just put in all my section scores for my second attempt, and then include just the writing test score from my first?
Also, do I have to include my SAT score? I only took it once and I’m not including it on any of my American applications, but if UCAS requires all testing attempts ever, I can include it.
Thank you in advance!

You must put them all in.

^^what @Conformist1688 said.

Good news: it’s not going to hurt you as long as you have 1 that meets the published requirements & you have the AP scores (in relevant subjects).