what time are the scores put up

<p>What time do the scores come out on the 22nd?</p>

<p>Please mention the timezone so I can figure out what the time will be for me :-/</p>

<p>They are put up on the 21 at around 4 dude. It is always a day before the date they put up on CB's website.</p>

<p>Temporarily Unavailable?????? Does This Mean They're Updating Scores??????</p>

<p>deceiver, what's the time zone?</p>

<p>For May and June 2004 scores, scores were up by 2:00 PM EST (day before announced date).</p>

<p>slipstream99, it might, it might not. in the past that has happened several times before the scores actually came online. and for June 2004, the scores were online at 3 EST the Wednesday before they were "officially" released.</p>

<p>slipstream99, I doubt it. Maybe if it was Wednesday. Supposedly scores go up alphabetically, and that'd mean that mine would be among the first up. And, as of now, collegeboard lists 10/2004 as "registered."</p>

<p>yes, mine is still listed as registered as well</p>

<p>I wish they would always do it on the same day and time...like 4:00PM on on the second Thursday after. That would save me so much nervousness!</p>

<p>they should just grade them on the spot</p>

<p>Last time (May) they went up anywhere from 12 - 5</p>

<p>May they were up as soon as I got home from school, which was around 2:30. I'm in Maryland though.</p>

<p>its going to be the day before, unsure about the time though</p>