What to do if your admission has been revoked?

<p>In the hypothetical scenario that ones admission to UF is rescinded or revoked, what should he/she do knowing that attending another university this late in time is out of the question? When does a university, like UF or other state schools, ever fully rescind somebody, do most threatened students go on probation first? All responses are appreciated.</p>

<p>I’m possibly in this situation. It’s so stupid that they would rescind someone for one bad semester. I worked hard my first 3 and a half years of high school, one bad semester shouldn’t ruin it all for me. Anyway what I will do if I do get rescinded would be community College for a semester, then transfer to fsu because you only need 15 hours to transfer rather than 60 to UF. But ya good luck</p>

<p>Ok, many students get crazy about that, this is what they do, if you failed a class that was necessary or important like an AP, they will check the transcript grades AFTER your first semester in UF not right after you begin the classes, if you failed such class, they will give you a hold and you will have to go to Admissions to EXPLAIN what happened. Normally, they don’t revoke the admissions for 1 class, but if you fail more than 1 then you better have a good excuse. This happened to my friend and she wasn’t revoked but had to explain what happened. I think nothing bad will happen to both of you if you have a good GPA.</p>

<p>I like that because it gives you a chance to prove that you can handle college work rather than just take it away immediately. Do they do that for everyone?</p>

<p>I am not sure if they do it with everyone but that was my friend’s case.</p>