What to Minor if Majoring in Computer Science

Hi everyone! So I’m currently a computer science major (emphasis in Data Science) at my school and I really want to minor something in the business field…but when looking up at what people said about this, I get so many different answers. Some people said that minoring in business is not really worth it because you can learn it at Deoitte. but others said that minoring in business would be helpful.

At my school, I can choose a minor in Management Information System, which I think that it is kind of related to computer science, or mainly the technology field. I talked to my advisor and they said that it depends what my goal is in the future and what I want to do in the future(which is to continue to grad school).

What’s your guy’s opinions on this? Should I do a minor in MIS?

P.S I’m also planning to do another minor in math already…so it would be a double minor :slight_smile:

For data science, how about statistics?

MIS could have some useless duplication at a much less technical level compared to your CS courses, though the more business courses would be less duplicative.

Economics, especially Econometrics. As a CS student, be sure to take one or more classes in ML/DL. Also have a look at quantum computing.

It doesn’t really matter what you minor in. You can choose a minor in something you’re interested in, something complementary to your major, or something that aligns with your career goals.

Business, statistics, economics, MIS - any of those would be an acceptable choice.

In my school, statistics is part of a minor in mathematics

A lot of people I know who are doing cs plan on doing a minor in Economics. You could try that

Statistics, especially if it gets you through multivariate modeling and/or design of experiments.

@12Vvnji would minoring in econ be more helpful if I have an emphasis in Data Science?

Not necessarily. It just kind of depends on your interests and what you want to do.

My kid is a CS (in school of engineering) major and added a CMDA (computational modeling and data analytics) minor last year. Not sure if that is an option at your school.

@juliet is right: Data Science is so broadly applicable these days that if you have specific interests (govt and elections, geology, marketing, etc) you can specialize, and practice in an area that interests you. Honestly if you have background knowledge of your subject it makes your analysis more focussed and intuitive because you can more easily pare away the irrelevant to isolate valuable learnings. Correlation is not causation, but if you know nothing but the numbers you have to spend time tossing junk overboard: calendars do not cause winter.

How about you minor in something that actually interests you ?

I don’t think MIS adds any value to a CS major. MIS, to me, CS-lite for Business major.

CS /Math, Stats, Econ are quite common, and also Music.

Math, stats woulds be common. Public Policy could be interesting.