What type of schools would accept this type of student?

<p>-3.7 gpa
-top 25% of class (public school)
-Academic Honors diploma (It's an Indiana thing... it just says you've taken more challenging courses)
-1880 SATs (680 verbal, 580 math, 600 writing)
-Merit scholar "commended" student (psat scores in the 97th percentile)
-extracurricular-- peer tutoring, band, 4-H, summer camp counselor, academic competitions, Drama club, job tutoring kids
-received several visual art awards
-Served in Americorps for a year tutoring kids in an inner city school
-Fairly good writer if an essay is required</p>

<p>Just trying to get an idea of the "type" of schools that would admit this student.</p>

<p>Excellent candidate for top state schools.</p>

<p>Excellent. No problem with that GPA. Not for Ivy Leagues only.</p>

<p>I'd say you definitely have at least a decent chance wherever you apply. If I were you, I'd probably apply at schools like UNC Chapel Hill, U of M Ann Arbor, or U of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Also, maybe some of the UC's. </p>

<p>If you prefer small schools, there's also a lot of liberal arts schools that would accept you, but I don't really know which ones.</p>

<p>Be sure not to limit yourself though, if you have good essays and recs, you'll have a good chance at some more selective schools too.</p>

<p>Top state schools are definitely within this applicant's reach; a few flagship programs might function well as "high reaches."</p>