What was your favorite SAT I Critical Reading passage/s?

<p>I enjoyed reading the passage in verbal section 1 from the November '95 test. ("In fourth grade I embarked upon a grandiose reading program".) I definetely related to the main character's passion for reading and intellectual curiosity. I also identified with the way he read to acquire a point of view. I hope to have that same enthusiasm for learning when I go to college this fall.</p>

<p>Another passage I found particularly interesting was a memoir written by a Japanese American woman. She described how the exquisitely sliced bananas served with tea during a meeting of the mothers of two lovers signified that the host refused the match. Since my parents and many of my older relatives had arranged marriages, I could compare old Japanese traditons to those of my own culture. She then goes on to describe the customs of feudal Japan that reigned in her household.</p>

<p>If the critical reading passages piqued my interest, I found that I did really well on the verbal section. In fact, on the November 6th SAT I, one of the dual passages in the last section (both had to do with hiking and risks involved) were from Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" which I had just read! Creepy...</p>

<p>yeah i remember that passage...i liked it...i don't remember the test but there was one about a woman from poland or somewhere who came to the u.s and learned to speak english...i think it's in the 10 real SATs...i usually like the passages they pick unless they're science related...i find those boring!!!</p>

<p>While I am not a huge fan of science-related passaged, but I remember liking two science passages--on about biodiversity and on about the affects of animals in captivity. In the 10 Real SAT's book there was one awful passage on radio astronomy. It wasn't too interesting and was full of technical mumbo-jumbo!</p>

<p>The passages on literature, the arts, and experiences of minorities/immigrants are my favorites to read. For example, the passage on the Joy Luck Club was from another book I had already read (in fact, in English class in 11th grade I did a group project on the EXACT story about the "life's importance" pendant that was duplicated in the passage!)</p>

<p>I liked the passage in the last verbal section, it really does describe the monotony and flaws of human life in the United States.</p>

<p>all of the passages suck.</p>

<p>I am not a native speaker, so i had sum difficulties. all passages were tedious and so irritating. i hope i get 1400+, as a freshman</p>