What will colleges see when they look at my SAT scores across all dates?

<p>first shot at SAT in january: 2240
reading 750 writing 750 math 740</p>

<p>second shot in march: 2140
(i forget the section scores)</p>

<p>third and final shot in june: 2230
math: 670 (yup, not my best math day) writing 800 reading 760</p>

<p>since i didn't score higher than my first shot, will this affect me negatively with colleges that require you to send all scores? </p>

<p>and i am taking the math II subject test. if i score high on that test, would my not-so-stellar math score be somewhat neutralized? lol. </p>


<p>The Math II will probably not neutralize anything since most colleges will probably not associate it with the SAT I scores or spend time comparing them. That said your scores, are not bad. Some colleges even take the highest score from each section across many test dates, meaning that some may consider you to have gotten a 2300 (800/740/760). However some may also see the low math score from jun and question it, in which case a Math II may help your case (sorry that im kind of contradicting myself!). But I do question your choice to apparantly take the SAT every other month.... that doesn't exactly give much time for improvement between tests. Also, you may not have to worry about jun math too much. I've heard from many that there was a very hard math section in the jun SAT I.</p>

<p>haha, thanks for the advice! i took them every other month to get them over with junior year... idk? would colleges take that into consideration? i didn't want to deal with applications, scholarships, all my extra curricular on top of SAT beginning of senior year. </p>

<p>i took calculus ab and got an "A" grade. would that help my math image? lol. i consider myself decent at math, but idk if colleges will mostly look at my SAT math. </p>

<p>and i didn't realize that some colleges would ask for all the test scores from all dates o.o i thought they would just see the number of times you took the SAT, and you could choose which score to send to them. guess i was wrong -.-</p>

<p>OH and would you consider taking the SAT a 4th time for me worth it? i could boost my math score up a bit probably... but that would be the FOURTH time, i know colleges don't like seeing us take the test too many times. </p>

<p>i have a bunch of extra curricular activities, so i don't know if getting a 2300 versus a 2240 would be the decision factor for me getting in.</p>

<p>hmm. How about you tell me more, like your GPA+EC+Leadership+Awards+possible colleges.</p>

<p>Major Extracurricular:
orchestra throughout high school, violinist, entered a few competitions, have been orchestra officer
varsity tennis junior and senior year, entered district level tournament
math tutor
National Honor Society president, treasurer
ASB treasurer
sophomore class treasurer
tour guide for state capitol building
other clubs: key club, tri-m, freshman orientation leader</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 unweighted
I'm going to take a total of 7 AP classes. I got a 5 on AP world history, haven't gotten my USH L&C or CALC AB scores back yet</p>

<p>national-level distinctions:
national merit scholar (idk if i'm a finalist yet, they notify us in september, but i got a 238 so i think i have a chance)
possible AP scholar, don't have my scores back yet but i'm guessing 4s or 5s</p>

<p>possible colleges: uc berkeley-level colleges would be great.</p>