What would be the strongest part or "hook" of my app?

<p>Favela Friends (started)- bringing clothes to brazilian slums annually</p>

<p>Competing nationally in cross country</p>


<p>DECA national top 20% & state 3rd place finish</p>

<p>What stands out the most here that I should build off for my app</p>

<p>URM 10char</p>

<p>hook usually refers to a very specific, inherent boost (e.g., URM, legacy, first generation, developmental), not necessarily the strongest part of one's application.</p>

<p>If you're good enough in cross country to be a recruited athlete that would be the strongest thing on your application. Consequently, my advice is to work on your running.</p>

<p>what do URM and 10char stand for?</p>

what do URM and 10char stand for?


<p>URM stands for under-represented minority and usually refers to those who are African American, Hispanic, or Native American. 10char stands for "10 characters" and is used to satisfy the ten-character minimum that CC requires of all posts.</p>

<p>-under represented minorities
-10 characters--posts require a total of 10 characters.</p>

<p>Your extracurriculars, aside from your cross-country participation - if you managed to come within a top percentage, that is - are not really "hooks." The only thing that gives you an automatic advantage in admissions is your URM status, and your sports credentials if you are being recruited.</p>