What's My Best Choice?

<p>I'm a junior this year and we starrt our pre-enrollment next week. I am planning on double majoring in Internationla Relations and some sort of science. My ultimate career goal is to become an epidemiologist. </p>

<p>I have two questions:
1) What science major would be most appropriate for this career goal? </p>

<p>2) What classes should I take next year? </p>

<p>So far these are the classes I have taken: </p>

<p>8th Grade: Algebra 1(counts as hs class) </p>

<p>9th Grade: Geometry, Pre-Ap Physical Science, Pre-Ap English 9, Pre-Ap US Gov/OK Hist combo, Journalism 1, Spanish 1, Debate 1 </p>

<p>10th Grade: Pre-Ap Algebra 2, Pre-Ap Bio, Pre-Ap English 10, Pre-AP American History, Spanish 2, Student Council, Debate 2 </p>

<p>11th Grade: Pre-Ap PreCalc, Pre-Ap Chem 1, Pre-Ap English 11, AP World History, Debate 3, Newspaper 1, Drama 1 </p>

<p>My tentative schedule for my senior year is:
AP Calc
AP US History
Debate 3(Honors)
AP English 12
--3 open hours-- </p>

<p>my question is: would it be better to take AP Bio and AP Chem 2(2 hours) or AP Bio, AP Physics, and Pre-AP Physiology, or AP Bio + Ap Physics OR Pre-AP phys + Non-Western Culture considering my career goals? </p>

<p>thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I would suggest that, since you are interested in epidemiology, you should take AT LEAST AP Biology. Right now, though, you shouldn't be so worried about your career goals. At this point, its all about making yourself as attractive to colleges as possible. Along those lines, a course called Non-Western Culture may not be as eye-catching as Pre-AP Physiology or AP Physics. I would try and reconcile this by taking, AP Biology, AP physics, and Non-western culture.</p>

<p>Eye-catching? I don't think admissions officers are that anal. </p>

<p>Take a challenging set of APs - choose chem or physics for AP. Physiology is so much memorization work - you have enough of that in AP Biology. </p>

<p>Check out CollegeBoard's Young Epidemiology Scholars as well if you're really into epidemiology. </p>

<p>I would be more focused with taking APs and challenging yourself with your school's curriculum.</p>

<p>Really there's not much in your courses that could really sway you into epidemiology and you'll be exposed to so much more in college...</p>

<p>I wasn't implying that admissions officers scour applications for the number of APs a student takes and then admits them based on that number, but they do understand that an AP physics course or an AP Chemistry course is probably more challenging than most.</p>

<p>Yeah...... I suppose. How much will this even make in her application? =/</p>

<p>Pre-Ap. hahahaha. they should just call it honors .</p>

<p>Greendayfan- i totally agree with you,I don't really understand how it can be Pre-AP when there is no AP course. My school is not the best...</p>