What's the best way to improve Critical Reading on SAT in 1 month?

<p>Title is the question?</p>

<p>lots and lots of practice questions</p>

<p>tons of practice. i raised my score a ton of points.</p>

<p>i take it in June and am already doing verbal practice. I think verbal is really easy now, considering the analogies sucked...</p>

<p>Any other suggestions , like how much practice 6 hrs day for 1 month? 2hrs daily? 3hrs daily?</p>

<p>Also , I want to raise my score 250 points. how much each day and where can i get so many practice questions if i've used all the books?</p>

<p>i'd say 2 and a half hrs a day should be good but don't kill yourself</p>

<p>How much did you raise your score by doing that?</p>

<p>here's what i would do:
a 25 min section each day. a full length practice test each weekend</p>

<p>the reason for the full length practice test (including math and writing) is to test endurance.</p>

<p>i have a big issue with endurance =[</p>

<p>i think any runners in this forum would be amused at this.</p>

<p>these CR training methods are similiar to running training methods</p>

<p>to add speedwork, every once in a week do a "high intensity run" by doing an AP english test. those CRs are HARD.</p>

<p>Ap Lang Tests Are Close To Impossible.</p>

<p>ironically, I got 68% on my practice AP Comp MC but a 71% on my SAT reading MC. I am now convinced that it fair to say I bombed the reading!</p>

<p>Retake June. lol :)</p>

<p>I got just 670 on the verbal, but I did all I could do in 1 month and did boost my score.
Go over definitions (most imp as they are required in all sections)
Keep your finger in the middle of the line you are reading and just skim the passage. Don't concentrate on every word.
Do many practice tests.
Study as much as you can, for 250pts, u must study atleast 4-5 hrs daily.

<p>use the net for more practice questions, also try the question of the day on <a href="http://www.collegeboard.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.collegeboard.com&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>