What's up with this GPA stuff???

Ok. So I’m reading the posts on this site and everyone has like a 4.5 GPA and say that’s low. And other people have a 4.8 with 2 AP classes.

I mean, come on. My school adds 0.5 to AP courses. Other than that, there’s nothing. So getting a 4.1 by the end of junior year is almost impossible (I know I can’t do it). And taking honors classes doesn’t do anything…it actually decreases your GPA if it’s above 4.0.

So anyway, are colleges informed of this difference in grade weights and stuff like that? On your app, does it talk about the grading system? I’m sure since my school’s A range is from 94+ and other school’s are like 90+, that the colleges should know. Because it’s really not fair that my GPA is about a 4.09 and everyone else’s is at least 4.5.

Anyways… that was really wordy lol. Just wondering. Respond or not, I’m just very curious =)

<p>most colleges probably recalculate gpa to what they want it to be.</p>

<p>Your GC fills out the Secondary School Report, which should explain the grading system. Based on this, most colleges, and certainly all selective ones, will recalculate your GPA by their standards (often discarding freshman grades) and compare candidates using those.</p>

<p>my school and most schools i know add 1 point for AP and honors classes</p>