when do we get our nov sat scores?

<p>thanks! ^_____^</p>

<p>They are typically online two Thursdays after the test. However, with the October fiasco, who knows what will happen.</p>

<p>What October fiasco? (Pardon my ignorance, I live abroad and know very little about SATs and SAT IIs). Is that the same timeframe for the SAT IIs or do they take longer?</p>

<p>In October, the Collegeboard had a lot of problems. The website crashed and very few people could access their scores. Many also experienced great delays.</p>

<p>Hopefully they fixed the glitches and the November score release will go much smoother.</p>

<p>However, yes, that is the same timeframe for SAT II's.</p>

<p>What i noticed with the October scores was usually the " Test day" Section on the CB website is updated telling us what is experimental on the Weds after the test. For october it was posted on the Friday or Thursday. This time it was yday. So i believe they are on top of things.</p>

<p>around nov. 18 or 19th, they ahve a chart on the site. they usually put it up on the thursday before the date they post, but remember what hapened last time? I hope that doesn't happen again...</p>