Where can I get Admission ?

I have scored 1460 in SAT. My question is in which universities I can apply for Bachelor in Computer Science, where I can get maximum scholarship ?

Because my Financial condition is not good, I’m looking for Scholarships (I hail from India).

Here I present a description of myself !!

Qualification – Year 12 student with 95.6 % ( 96 % in best of four )
Country – India
Extra – Had above 95% in 10th & 12th, plus above 90% in 9th & 11th

List of Extracurriculars –

  1. Qualified JEE Advance with 8000 Rank
  2. Qualified PRMO ( 60 students from my state Gujarat were selected For next level “From different schools in my state ”)
  3. Participated in a Computer Science as a Trainee for 6 months, out of school in a IT Company.
  4. Enrolled in a Workshop for Computer Science twice for 2 months each in different IT companies in 11th grade and 12th grade respectively.
  5. Class Rank 1 in IMO ( Mathematics Olympiad )
  6. School Rank 3 in 12th Std.
  7. Winner of Robotics Fair held in School
  8. Participated in Kala Utsav ( Art Festival ) in 2016
    9.Did Social service for around 3 months daily
    10.Went to Baroda ( City in Gujarat ), as School Representative, to Army Camp
    i. To present Thanksgiving
  9. Participated in ton of extracurricular activities in School Was Leader in Drama Club and Maths Club in 2016 & 2017

You need to look very carefully at colleges. Your application will be reviewed alongside of all the other well qualified applicants from your region of the world.

Can your family pay anything towards your college costs? Are you looking at affordable options in India?

No, my family is unable to pay my college costs, and I’m looking for options in USA, Canada, and Australia. Also, to mention I’m rejecting universities in India as I have no intentions of studying here !!

This board sees similar questions every week or so, so ear back through some of them for more information.

Your SAT scores aren’t bad in general, but they aren’t high enough for top 20 colleges, which are the ones most likely to give full scholarships. They are also on the low side for computer science, which is a very competitive major in the US, especially at the top 100 or so universities.

The good news is that there are plenty of colleges who offer partial scholarships to international students. The bad news is that you have to expect to cover 50% or more of the cost and your work options on a student visa are very limited. You also need to prove you have the funds to attend before you can get a visa.

Run the net price calculators at Bates, Grinnell, maybe University of Alabama for kicks. They aren’t the only colleges generous to international students, but you can at least see what you’re up against.

You may not have a choice.
The US universities are not under any obligation to admit you.

-Your grades and test scores have to be exceptional to receive any attention.
-You’re trying to apply to impacted major.
-You require financial aid and don’t have the money to attend.
-You are applying from India, which has thousands of overrepresented students trying to gain admission to US schools, this is your competition.
Your safeties would be in India.