Where do I have a chance on the east coast, relatively heard colleges?

<p>I understand this is a broad request, however, I posted earlier and was told that my list was basically reaches. Therefore, I want to know where I could go on the east coast, that is under 15,000 students (undergrad), is heard about, meaning good job offers for students that have graduated, is in a mid-large city, and is in the top 30 based on the us/news rankings. The areas of possible majors are: int'l relations, econ, and poli sci.</p>

<p>School: Topeka West High School
Rank: 20/243, ranking should improve this is from sophomore year
GPA: uw 3.7, w 4.1
I have taken 1 AP class(will take 2 next year, school only offers six, two of which are In the art department), yet will have taken 7 honors courses as of next year. I am taking the SAT and ACT this summer, aiming for a 2000-2100 and a 28-31.</p>

FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America)-9,11,12
Spanish Club-10,11,12<br>
Volunteer Initiative-10,12
Debate-11,12 Yearbook-11,12 Model U.N.-11,12<br>
Topeka West FBLA* chapter Co-President-12<br>
501/Topeka West Business Representative-11,12<br>
KS FBLA* District 3 President-2010-2011
IFL (Institute for Leaders)-summer 2010<br>
Yearbook Copy Editor-12 </p>

Honor Roll (8 semesters) 9,10,11,12
Kansas Regents Honors Scholar 12<br>
Lettered: Academic 10,11,12 </p>


National Honor Society -12

Stormont Vail Hospital: <em>_hours<br>
March of Dimes through FBLA*<br>
Habitat for Humanity: _</em>
Don’t know how many hours, still have to calculate, probably over 100</p>

<p>Also, I realize that i'm lacking in the ec department, so instead of saying that please offer advice instead. Thanks, the help is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any suggestions, even if that means eliminating one of my requirements? I would appreciate it very much. I just want to know what good colleges I can get into, instead of wasting my time and money on applications to colleges that I don't have a shot at. Also my "hooks" are that I come from a poor family, a single mother, and am a first generation college student. Don't know if that helps my chances to anything.</p>

<p>Tufts as a reach, NYU and BU as high matches.</p>