Where do I stand and how do I fit?

<p>I'm currently a junior in high school
I play a Varsity sport for my school and I am in two clubs. I take AP and Honors classes.
During my freshmen and sophomore years I averaged no longer than a B.</p>

<p>My Junior year I currently stand at a 3.8 weighted GPA and a 2.8 GPA.
My JR Year Grade so far
1st Period
Reading- B
AP History- C
Spanish 2- B
Alg 2 Honors- B
AP English- B
Chem Honors- B</p>

<p>2nd Period(half-way done)
Reading- A
AP History- C
Spanish 2- B
Alg 2 Honors- B
AP English- C
Chem Honors- B</p>

<p>I would like to go to a school in the Carolina's or Virginia.
I took my PSAT as a sophomore and scored a 128 and took it as a junior and scored a 143, those were without any practice or prep at all and I will prep before taking the actual, real SAT.</p>

<p>Where do I stand? Do I have a good shot getting into any colleges of my interest(Virginia Tech, UVA, WVU, ECU, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, Clemson, Vanderbilt, etc.)</p>

<p>If you were to let say get a 1800 on the real SAT , this would be my diagnostic</p>

<p>Extreme Reach</p>

Wake Forest


Virginia Tech</p>

NC State</p>


<p>WVU </p>


<p>I'd suggest you not apply to the super reaches instead apply to the University of South Carolina, University Of Charlotte, College of Charelston, and UNC Ashboro</p>

<p>ur unweighted GPA is kinda low so I personally dont no how that will affect you. If it doesnt then I d say aside from vanderbilt, unc, uva, and wake forest u should get in everywhere.</p>

<p>Of course I plan on raising my AP grades as they are new to me as these are my first AP classes. So once I raise my grades in AP classes I know both my weighted and unweighted GPA's will go up.</p>

<p>UNC and UVA are basically Ivy League hard for out of state applicants</p>

<p>Wake Forest and Vanderbelt are Elite Privates which pretty much require both atleast 3.5+ and 2100+ respectively</p>

<p>But do I even stand a chance AT THIS CURRENT POINT to attend a decent college? (My grades will improve and I will become more active after school)</p>

<p>How about these schools
WVU, ECU, Texas Tech, Ok. State, Boise State</p>

<p>May I ask why you picked specifically picked those colleges</p>

<p>WVU was a school that really caught my attention
ECU, a school in NC.
App State has also caught my attention.</p>

<p>Check out the University of Charlotte, University of South Carolina, and Virgina Commonwealth University too</p>

<p>MFaaiz, looks like you picked teams off of top25 football charts from the past season lol.</p>

<p>Anyway, u'd get into WVU and ECU.</p>

<p>and adlil, I don't think Wake is looking for that high of an SAT, are they?</p>

<p>Wake no longer requiring SAT scores?
WFU</a> | Window on Wake Forest</p>