Where to apply for Early?

<p>I'm a senior this year and figure I shold start thinking about where I want to apply for early. My parents have pushed for Wharton or the Huntsman Program but those are not only ED schools (Can I really committ to one school??) but I'm not sure what I want to do when I grow up. I know people have said Wharton would prepare you for other things but Wharton education vs. LAC education (at one of the higher tier schools, let's say) is definately different. LACs like Williams seems to have a negative reputation for not taking AP but in general liberal arts colleges seem to really provide an education. If I'm not sure I want to major in business yet, would it still be worth it to apply to Wharton early and committ? </p>

<p>I've also noticed that I have a tendency for IR or other political related activities but I normally dislike politics and all its underhanded and not open ways. But, I can't deny that I do have this tendency. I've thought of applying to SFS Georgetown early too, but 1) getting a liberal arts education with teachers committed to teaching problem same as Wharton 2) What can I do with an IR degree? I'm Korean with Canadian Citizenship (that hasn't lived in Canada in the last 5 years). Getting a job with any governement would prove difficult. </p>

<p>Any sort of advice would be great.
Thanks for your help in advance:)</p>

<p>I'm assuming you mean early decision, which is a binding decision? Most people only apply ED if they have a very clear first choice. If finances are a very important issue it's generally not a good idea to apply ED because you can't compare financial aid offers from several schools. You can apply early action to as many schools as you want and you just hear their answer sooner and have until May 1st to decide (usually). </p>

<p>I don't see any reason for you to apply early decison since you seem pretty undecided. Applying early action or regular decision you will have more time to weight your options and decide whether you want to go LAC or business. That's just my take. I'm a high school senior done with the college app process.</p>

<p>Sit your parents down, and find out just exactly where the money is going to come from for your education, and just exactly how much there is. If they have $250,000 stashed away for you, the places on their list are OK. But it still will be hard for you to be admitted because you are an international applicant. Not all colleges/universities in the US treat Canadians (even if educated in the US) like US applicants for admission, and even fewer treat them like US applicants for financial aid purposes. You need to spend some time in the International Students Forum. There is a sub-section just for Canadians there: Canada</a> - College Confidential</p>

<p>You need to look at Canadian universities as well as colleges/universities in the US. Pick up the phone and call the closest Canadian Consulate and make an appointment with the Education Officer. He/She can help you find out everything you need to know about your educational options in Canada.</p>