which colleges to aim for with a 3.97 cc gpa?

<p>Hey guys, how far can I aim at with my current gpa? I am a 2nd year international student studying at a washington state community college for a Business Transfer Degree. Currently, I have taken 70 credits and my GPA is 3.96~. In addition, I am a reading lab & economics tutor, founder of the first economics club in my school and a member of an academic society (Phi Tetta Kappa). For my SATs, I scored a 1850 (after 2 years of national service in army). Also, my current GPA represents an upward curve as I was just a struggling passing student when I was a polytechnic student in Singapore.</p>

<p>Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>most mid level schools would be willing to take you, if you're in washington definitely consider UW, then look at some of the mid tier UCs and other CA colleges</p>

<p>Thanks Samir for your kind reply. However, I dont think I would apply to UC schools as the admissions period has already passed. Could you recommend me some other schools? perhaps in the east side? that i could try applying to ? thanks for the help! </p>

<p>Also, what range in the university rankings are mid-tier schools?</p>