Which schools don't require an essay?

<p>I'm just curious, because I have heard of schools that are very "numbers oriented", and I wondered if there are any where you literally send in a form with statistics, and get accepted/rejected based on that. For instance, when my mom applied to UMich, she said she only filled out a form for the school. I know that they use the common application now, but that was just an example.
(I am posting on cc instead of googling it because an actual person to me is better than an algorithm. Also google never gives me an answer For this type of stuff-I don't know why)

<p>For top schools, I know WUSTL and BC do not. UMich requires two essays now.</p>

<p>In general, it should be good to express your interest in why you would like to attend a school. I would think that it helps AOs to narrow down on a pool of equaly qualified applicants rather than just throwing darts.</p>

<p>The vast majority of US colleges (~80%) solely admit based on scores/transcript. No essays, no teacher rec letters. But then again these are the schools that eventually educate about 80% of those desirous of entering college -- i.e. the selectivity level is much lower.</p>

<p>Indiana, Iowa, I am pretty sure Kansas as well.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! That was helpful</p>