White male from California, is it worth applying to Wharton for business?

<p>Just wanted to know if what i hear is true...is wharton just for all the rich white boys? No offense to anybody. But im not that well off but i put everything into my academics. Heres stats:</p>

<p>First SAT : 2090 (PLANNING on retaking)
GPA: unweighted 3.6 as of junior year
(3 c's my junior year, it was rough time for my family, divorce etc)
Full load of AP/IB Courses all three years thus far
3 years of basketball at school (captain 1 year)
2 years ASB (student body) including serving as ASB Secretary Senior Year
Representative to BOYS STATE for my school, in Sacramento (chosen by school principal)</p>

<p>Welll this is all i cant think of, plan on starting commmunity service soon, since as you can see, i have little time. Well, i just want to know, my friends mostly asian, laugh at me when i say I want to apply to Upenn or any other IVy league FOR BUSINESS. They say my stats are too low, i know theyre not spectacular, but I would really love to go. I have certainly had a rought time wiht divorce and my moms issues with addiction, etc. High School hasnt been the easiest. Am I good enough? Is Upenn even going to consider my app? Any help would be most appreciated THank you so much. :)</p>