WHO FEELS LIKE THEY HAVE TO CRAM for three SAT iis for nov 6

<p>...who left everything til the last minute..and im serious..even the studyin..for like 3 sat iis...for nov 6..and how do u feel?...</p>

<p>o yeh what scores are you hopin for?</p>

<p>i feel like I got to cram too. i have to take writing and math 1, and I've barely studied. I'm so screwed. I'd be satisfied with a 650+.</p>

<p>I take Biology and math iic on nov6, and I hope for 700+, although my results now: Bio-610 and math iic - 660. I have about 5 days to increase by 100 my SATs. What do you think it's real?</p>

<p>its definately possible man
unless u have a large knowledge difficiency - thats hard 2 fix
i went from 700-800 in just 3 days because of my attitude and concentration (but i knew most of it)</p>

<p>taking three SAT IIs was a mistake I will not do again. You can't concentrate on one or two. I suggest to spread them out on different dates.</p>


<p>I wanted to just take two next Saturday, but guess what? In order for them to count for the UC's, I have to take them Nov 6 at the latest...3 for me. I can't wait.</p>

<p>(I got a late start in standardized testing when I wasn't living in the US, so this is great)</p>

<p>marissal. december is the last date. although UC apps are due november, u can send in december scores by requesting CB to send scores to the UCs when u sign up for the SATs.</p>

<p>Yes..but i'm going by what the UC website says. It says the latest you take your tests should be November, in order for the scores to count when your application is reviewed..</p>

<p>i have to take bio, chem, and math. I need to score above 700 for all of them. And I still have to decide between math IC and IIC. OH, and it's been 3 years since I've taken any of these classes, so, i'm basically self studying. I'm screwed BIG TIME</p>

<p>no no. ucs count decembre too. they will wait for your scores. we had a rep from the ucs come to our school</p>

<p>marissal, whats the link?</p>

<p>yes i do! =( how many practice tests will you guys take until saturday?</p>

<p>hey are you a desi sexydesi?</p>

<p>I took three in one sitting after spending one week studying for all three, and now I gotta study for the SAT1. It's really brutal in terms of time... to do well you gotta spend every waking moment studying:</p>

<p>800 math iic 800 physics 760 writing</p>

<p>Don't let me get you all worried - i'm probably just making some mental flaw (after all, i'm pretty stressed out and crazy with all the applications lately)</p>

<p>I know I have a college audition Dec 4 and wouldn't be able to test in Dec., maybe that's why i'm thinking wrong deadlines?</p>


<p>I'd advise against 3 SAT IIs in one day. Heck, don't even take 2 in one day. If possible, take one at a time. The worst feeling is having your scores split. (680-730 on all when expecting 740+).</p>

<p>"hey are you a desi sexydesi?"..um...yahhh...</p>

<p>eeek im takin sat bio, writing, and chem..and im freakin out for all of them..plus..i took chem in the 10th grade..soo now im crammin everything ..the info too..cuz umm i 444gott...and i keep fallin asleep..while tryna study..ehh <em>cries</em></p>

<p>hey fellas.... im on the same boat. must take chem,hist,writing.... just hoping all over 7--+... and here i am wasting precious time posting....</p>

<p>I'm screwed too. I have to study Writing, Math2C and Physics. I've actually started, but considering that I'm aiming for a 2400, I guess I'm screwed too.</p>

<p>Barron's especially, makes my life harder. I have 4 days of no classes (Sat-Tue) and I've so far spent 10 hours a day reviewing. (4 hours rest, 8 hours sleep.)</p>

<p>I'm drained.</p>

<p>sweet..soo thats how i should do it then i guess..</p>