Why International Relations?

<p>I was quite puzzled when everyone seems to like international relations major so much! So what exactly is a IR major? what's the job prospects and what do you actually learn in the course?? When my friend told me she's going to Tufts for IR, i was really wondering what is that..haha..anyone could enlighten me?</p>

<p>Ask yourself this simple question: </p>

<p>"Do you believe that events, relationships, leaders, people, nations, etc. which occur outside the US is interesting and or important?"</p>

<li>Events happening in the Middle East?</li>
<li>Events happening in Latin America?</li>
<li>Events happening in Europe?</li>
<li>Events happening in Africa?</li>
<li>Events happening in Asia?</li>

<p>If you answer "no" to any / all of the above, IR ain't for you... I happen to think that more Americans should not only learn more about what's happening outside our borders, but also can be much more engaged - our place in the global community is more important than ever - "what will your role be in helping to shape and define our place in it"?</p>

<p>some IR stuff may be fun or intersting to learn ... but keep in mind that you do not need to major in IR to go into an IR-related profession after you graduate. Heck, you could even major in something like philosophy and compete for the same types of jobs as your friend at tufts.</p>