why is there no single post on SLC??

<p>I am a intl planning to apply to Sarah Lawrence college. I think it is a wonderful school with excellent writing faculty and one of the best liberal arts program. </p>

<p>Here, whats unique about it:</p>

<p>A seminar-conference system through which students learn in small, highly interactive classes and in private tutorials.</p>

<p>A system of donning in which each student works with a faculty adviser to design his or her own program of study and through which the faculty member is available for ongoing academic and personal guidance.</p>

<p>An academic format in which students take three courses each semester in order to explore each subject in depth.</p>

<p>The recognition of the creative and performing arts as an integral part of the liberal arts curriculum. Sarah Lawrence was among the first colleges in the United States to include the arts within its curriculum, underscoring our belief that the development of the creative faculties plays a central role in the growth of the individual.</p>

<p>An emphasis on program planning, encouraging students to choose the courses of study most meaningful to them. The College recognizes the importance of tailoring each student’s program to his or her specific needs and interests. The faculty don and the student work together to plan a program that will be most beneficial.</p>

<p>The use of written evaluations by faculty of each student’s work, in addition to a traditional grading system. These end-of-semester evaluations are the culmination of an ongoing dialogue between teacher and student in class and conference and, therefore, stress individual strengths and weaknesses and give students a more complete sense of their progress. The College maintains a record of student grades for external purposes.</p>

<p>A system of teaching in which there are no graduate assistants, instructors, or adjunct lecturers. There is no hierarchy of faculty ranking at Sarah Lawrence. Each teacher is fully a teacher, available to first-year students and sophomores as well as to juniors and seniors.</p>

<p>The commitment, above all, to the role of teacher as one who seeks to help students realize their fullest possible potential.</p>

<p>Princeton review rankings:</p>

<h1>2 Class Discussions Encouraged</h1>

<h1>12 Professors Get High Marks</h1>

<h1>9 Best College Theater</h1>

<p>and many more!</p>

<p>So whats wrong? why are people not taking the school seriously? Not a single post on SLC!</p>

<p>there are tons of schools that do not have posts-that doesn't mean that people do not take the schools seriously. those are just the unpopular schools and if people are not interested, then they are not going to put posts up.</p>

<p>Sarah Lawrence's applicants tend to be self-selective....that is they know the reasons why they are applying. The college attracts a certain type of student: the motiveded self-starter. Much like Reed, Grinnell, Earlham, Bennington, Goddard, New College, etc...Sarah Lawrence is unfortunately under appreciated.</p>

<p>The upside is that it has been mentioned quite a bit under other threads that don't have SLC or the colleges name spelled out in the title of thread. Just do a search for sarah Lawrence in the thread body and you'll see what I mean.</p>

<p>SLC is an awesome school, with a distinctive program.</p>

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